How Women Can Increase Their eCommerce Revenues WITHOUT Spending A Fortune

International Best Selling Author and Go-To eCommerce Expert for National Media, Ashley Armstrong The Hidden Rules Expert explains how you can increase your eCommerce revenues up to 7 figures or MORE!

Within the US alone, eCommerce grew by 44% in 2020 with over 2.14 billion people worldwide expected to buy goods and services online in 2021. With that many buyers, there has been a boom in new entrepreneurs throwing their hats into the eCommerce ring hoping to ‘make it rich’, several of which are women.

However, the failure rate for new sellers stands at 90% after only 120 days, so how do you reach your 7–8 figure goal with your eCommerce store without succumbing to those statistics and without spending a fortune?

As a woman in the eCommerce world, you may have found that it feels as though you are working in an ‘all-boys club’. You also may have already invested a large number of funds on eCommerce training, online courses, and books that all promise success usually by having you chase one fad after another. Often, those types of courses advertise as ‘Do this one thing, sell this one shiny object, and you will be rich!’

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work long-term…if at all…and you are left with a pile of information that doesn’t work for you or your personal situation and nowhere to turn for help.

So how do you actually increase your revenues? How do you learn all the hidden rules behind eCommerce success such as product positioning, software, ranking processes, ad optimization, backend accounting, virtual support teams, and so much more!

And how do you learn all of the above without spending a fortune on accountants, lawyers, marketers, business assessments, social media advisors, and many more experts that you will need to hire to get you to your financial goals?

First off, stop chasing shiny new objects. You can reach your goals without having to constantly invest in new products. Secondly, the real secret behind eCommerce success is having a team of experts to answer all your questions and support you along your journey!

I know what it is like to seemingly ‘go it alone’ as a woman in business, but I also know what it…

Ashley Armstrong The Hidden Rules Expert

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